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Sex, Murder and The Three of Us is the dark, erotic tale of a love triangle between a married couple and their male friend after the three are forced to flee their hometown following a double murder. The result is a story of death, drugs, and a struggle with sexuality told alternately from the points of view of all three main characters.
After Tyler Morrison, her husband Black and his best friend Miles commit a double homicide following a botched assault on Tyler, it seems they have no choice but to leave town immediately. When they begin their journey, the plan is to spend only a few weeks away from home to escape being blamed for the murders. Weeks turn into months, however, and friendship turns into more. Once drugs and money enter the mix, things become even more complicated. Tyler longs for Black, Black longs for Miles, and Miles longs for Tyler. But how do the three of them manage to survive their traumatic ordeal while maintaining their friendship? And what happens to friendship when sex becomes involved? Sex, Murder and The Three of Us is dark, engaging, and explores the most silent parts of the human mind that we hide from everyone – even ourselves.
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me, again.

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